This blog used to be dedicated to Hetalia/APH Nordics but I've slacked so much that it's turned into one of those whatever's-interesting-on-the-dashboard-blogs. The most predominant anime will be Hetalia; I support almost every main ship as brotp and am a big fan of rare/incest pairs. That being said, I don't judge easily so feel free to talk to me about anything.



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by 晩花
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Relaxing anatomy practice doodle, away from trying to make faces look good.
I really love this pairing. Obligatory protective bro Netherlands because I find the trio’s dynamics to be cute. D-Don’t ask me what kind of dog that is because I can’t draw retrievers from memory.
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Wanting attention but not wanting to be center of attention 


Not wanting to be ignored but also wanting to be left alone 




Friendly reminder that anti-cheating is pro-slut shaming (◕‿◕✿)


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